Here are the most frequently asked questions.

How does this work?

It works great – thank you. When you call us you need to Inform the booking agent the time and location you intend to meet your escort. Upon receiving your booking information we will provide you the schedule of escorts available for you. You then have the option to select a girl from the choices we give you, or receive the first available lady. You then provide us with your address and the girl will be at your location at the scheduled time.

Can I come to you?

No you can not come to us. The girl comes to you. Transportation is arranged through us and she will arrive at the agreed upon time. We only provide out call or delivery service.

Whats the rate?

Rates are based on availability, your location, the length of appointment and the amount of persons to be entertained.

Is this service for real?

Yes we are very real.

Does the escort come alone?

The escort comes alone, unless you are requesting more than 1 lady or if you are more than 2 people in a party. Then another escort will join her at your meeting.

I want to pay cash, how do I pay you?

Cash is collected on delivery of the model. You are to pay her directly immediately upon her entrance.

What if I don’t like the model?

As with any interaction your mileage many vary. Our ladies are trained in the art of companionship and they know how to instantly get rapport with you and make you feel really comfortable, but we know everyone’s tastes vary. So with that in mind, if you are not happy with the model you need to call us immediately before you make your payment. Once payment is made there are no refunds. No exceptions.

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